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Get $55 off the Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) plus more Echo deals

Get $55 off the Echo Show 8 (2nd gen), plus more Echo deals amazon echo devices against a purple background
Our top picks this week:

amazon echo studio in white

You don't have to wait until Prime Day to save on Amazon Echo devices. Take advantage of this week's exclusive deals on a wide range of Amazon smart home devices. Whether you're looking for a smart speaker or a display, there's an Echo device waiting for you.

Our top pick

Why we like it

The Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) is the next best thing to a tablet. The device's eight-inch touchscreen is equipped with auto-framing technology, so you'll always be in focus during video calls. With Alexa integration, you can use voice commands to play music, set reminders, check the weather, and more. Whether you're streaming your favorite shows and movies or following along with on-screen recipes, the Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) is a versatile entertainment hub. Plus, it's so compact that it'll fit just about anywhere.

If you're craving an even larger screen, the Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15 are great options. The Echo Show 10 has a 10.1-inch screen, while the Echo Show 15 has a 15.6-inch screen.

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Best Echo Dot deal

Why we like it

Released in 2022, the Echo Dot (5th gen) smart speaker with clock has some pretty cool new features, including a built-in LED display. You can view the time, weather updates, song titles, and more (when prompted), which makes life a little easier. The audio experience also received an update with cleaner vocals, deeper bass, and an overall better sound. Additionally, thanks to its motion and temperature sensors, you can create personalized routines that automatically activate Alexa-compatible lights or fans when entering a room.

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Best Echo Studio deal

Why we like it

The Echo Studio, introduced in 2019, is a music lover's dream. This smart speaker is designed to deliver an audio experience unlike any other. With its spatial audio processing technology, you can immerse yourself in music wherever you are, enjoying powerful sound without skimping on quality. The Echo Studio boasts five speakers, enhanced with Dolby Atmos technology, ensuring crisp and dynamic audio that fills the room. Whether you're rocking out in the living or relaxing to some café tunes, the Echo Studio guarantees an immersive and high-quality sound experience that'll impress even the most discerning listeners.

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