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Twitter’s latest outage is logging out desktop users

Twitter’s latest outage is logging out desktop users
A black Twitter logo over a red and white background
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter had plenty of problems in February (the rate limit debacle) and March (when it broke all links and pictures), but through April, the service didn’t register outages of similar significance. Now it’s May, and the streak has ended early as a number of people (including many Verge staffers) report the desktop website has logged them out without warning and won’t let them log back in.

It’s unclear what’s causing the problem, and in place of a functional PR department, Twitter responds to press inquiries with only a poop emoji, so who knows when things may be fixed or if a single engineer has managed to crash something big... again.

The outage is, coincidentally, occurring exactly at the same time it’s becoming a little...

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