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The best travel backpacks for any adventure

The best travel backpacks for any adventure woman with backpack looks at the sunset

Whether you're traveling for work or for pleasure, a decent backpack can make all the difference. After all, you already have to worry about catching planes and trains, getting through security, keeping your valuables safe, arriving at your destination on time, and trying to stay as comfortable as possible through it all. You shouldn’t also have to worry that your carry-on backpack isn’t pulling its weight.

Not only should your ideal backpack make your travels more streamlined and convenient, but it should also be comfortable and convenient to carry. A secure and well-designed backpack will help you keep your hands free as you navigate airports and bus terminals, and simultaneously keep all your essentials secure and easily accessible when you need them most. (Oh, and it doesn't hurt if the backpack looks good too!)

Here are our favorite travel backpacks of 2023, tested and reviewed: