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BeReal is making a feed of just famous people

BeReal is making a feed of just famous people
An image showing the Bereal app in the App Store
Photo by Fabian Sommer / picture alliance via Getty Images

BeReal is releasing another feature that seems to counter the purpose of the app: a feed dedicated to famous people. Instead of exchanging daily photos with your friends, now you’ll get to see what the top athletes, artists, and activists of the world are up to.

BeReal, the app that markets itself as “Your friends for real,” gives you different windows of time each day to take a selfie and front-facing photo that gets shared with friends. The whole point of the app is to randomly share what you’re up to with friends, whether you’re doing something as boring as laying in bed or sitting in front of your computer at work.

But now, BeReal is throwing strangers into the mix. Its new feed, called RealPeople, is a “curated timeline of the...

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